Freelance SEO Services

Think a minute, you are a customer and want to buy or take a service for anything. What will you do, Just simply open the Google and search whatever you want. Then you will see the top 10 SEO result. These results are here because of SEO.

I will help you reach your keywords in these results. I will optimize your website in the team of Google guidelines and then will do on page SEO for your site. Once on page SEO completed, then start link building of your website. The whole process will take minimum 45 days. After 45 days you can see the result.

  • I will make your website Search Engine Friendly
  • Will do internal linking of your website
  • Increased your website speed and Traffic
  • Finally Rank On the First Page of Google!

Higher SEO rankings

You will achieve higher rankings of your keywords with me because I will make your website like this. I will do On-page HTML code work, Image work, social setup work, on your website contact work.

Will Improve the coding on your website

Review Your website and add title, meta description, h1, alt tag, and keyword density of your website. I will put out the keyword ranking report and send you every week, so you can see the work progress.

Google Analytics

I will add Google Analytics in your website and work on how to improve and make your Google analytics more accurate. By this You will get more understanding and knowledge of your user, visitor, and their behavior.

Your Website become faster

I will  review of your website and work on your speed of your website. This improves lead conversions and search engine index-ability.

How It Works for You?

I will analysis of your website, link structure of your website, code, navigation and all content of the website. After analysis of your website, Start working on on-page: like Title, meta tag, alt tag, internal linking, blog, social media linked and more. once on-page completed, start working on your website for link building. You will see the result in 30 to 45 days. Some times it will take more  time and sometime it will take less time. Depend on your competitors.

You will get:

  • 100% Keyword Ranking
  • Traffic Increased
  • Lead generation Through SEO
  • Great ROI.‎

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